Carolyn’s Story

March 16th, 2010

Three years ago we setup a system for Carolyn and her father, who suffers from Alzheimer’s. Carolyn lives next door to her father- and has an in-home caregiver to help out, yet she was unable to leave her house to run simple errards, for fear that her father would wander, fall or otherwise hurt himself.

She came to us asking if we could customize a solution that would allow her to monitor his whereabouts within the house. Our team setup a system that allows her to see her father on her cellphone and home tv, and be notified when he moves from one room to another. As a safety precaution, we have sensors on the doors and near the stairs to alert her if he is wandering or if the door opens in the middle of the night!

Henry’s Story

September 23rd, 2009

Henry's StoryHenry lives independently in Sun City West, AZ where he moved from MI for retirement. In his late 70’s, he stays physically fit by working out and attending community exercise classes.

Henry’s family lives all around the country, from California to Boston. Even though he stays healthy and fit, Henry’s children can’t help but worry about him. They needed “peace of mind” from a distance and decided to try GrandCare, the same technology now used by Caregiver Systems and professional caregivers across the country. Not only is the family more at ease, Henry enjoys all of the updated information that his children and grandchildren send regularly. His grandchildren even send cell phone pictures on a daily basis!

Since the whole family lives out of state, they elected to work with a home-based care organization to provide the necessary human element of Henry’s care. A professional caregiver named Molly comes to Henry’s apartment twice a week to do some light house work, take him on outings and provide him with some companionship.

Molly and her organization work directly with Henry, his extended family and their GrandCare system. If a situation arises, the system automatically alerts Molly directly by phone or text, so she can respond quickly. Henry’s family loves it, because they can continually check in online and be a part of Henry’s caregiver network from afar. Molly leaves notes on a password protected website for Henry’s family to see anytime. If Henry wins at bingo or if he has a cold, Henry’s family knows immediately and can feel “in the loop”.

Jean’s Story

July 7th, 2009

Jean is a sharp and active 75 year old woman living down the street from her daughter in Daytona Beach.

When not walking down the beach, growing orchids or baking bread, she’s online conducting genealogical research or surfing the web.

A few years ago Jean developed a disorder which causes occasional night time seizures. When her seizures occur she experiences a period of disorientation, wandering and confusion.

Daughter Carol is very concerned about this disoriented state, and Jean’s physicians recommended that she move to an assisted living facility. Jean felt strongly that she didn’t want to leave her home; however, as brave as she was, she too was nervous about being alone.

Jean found our systems. Now, Carol gets a phone call if Jean begins to wander inside her home or walks out the door. Then Carol goes over to stay until Jean is normal again. Carol will also get a call if Jean pushes one of the call buttons or even if it gets too hot or cold in the home.

Usually we say that GrandCare is for the good times. Jean has two sons and several grandchildren living out of town. Since GrandCare is also a communication system, they all can log-in and send pictures and messages similar to an email or text.

For Jean, the best thing about GrandCare is that Carol has the freedom t live her own life and that she can stop calling so often! Jean’s blood pressure has gone down and she has a renewed sense of confidence.